About us

KazBuildExpert LLP is an accredited company of the first category providing services in project management, technical and author’s supervision in construction.


The engineering company has been on the market for over 11 years. During this time, we have learned to solve problems of varying complexity and have been constantly improving in our activities.


What makes us stand out among many similar engineering companies on the market, is a constant sense of timing, documentation of each step, protecting the interests of the Customer on all fronts and in all directions, as well as a pricing policy, thanks to which, a group of specialists and professionals in their field is appointed, who are able to cover all the required aspects and nuances of the object, without harming the budget.



Contributing to the development of a quality product in the country’s construction sector by providing a benchmark of engineering services.



Leading engineering company in the country for large infrastructure and industrial projects for the private sector and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the largest engineering companies in the Republic in terms of assets with a recognized international authority;

A specialized development institute providing training for engineers and experts in the field of energy, industrial, residential and commercial projects.


High quality engineering services due to the elimination of corruption and strict adherence to construction norms and legislations.

Reduction of construction costs through application of modern management technologies, specifically project management.

Investment attraction to construction project through transparent and effective management instruments and quantitative income measures.

The highest work pay for outstanding results and high quality work.

Efficiency improvement of governmental investment activities.

The company offers a wide range of services:

Project management;

Technical supervision of the construction process;

Author’s supervision of the construction process;

Technical and construction audit;

Technical inspection of buildings and structures;

Technological support;

Design of buildings and structures.


“If you think competence costs – try incompetence.”

© Johan Staël von Holstein


«In those communities where fathers build boats on which their sons will have to fish or fight, the quality is not low»

© Дж. Девиль

Our team includes highly qualified specialists with experience in construction, quality control and design.

We are focused on long-term cooperation and are interested in the successful development of our clients’ projects. The company guarantees the fulfillment of contractual obligations, adherence to deadlines and the quality of the services provided.

The specialists of our company will do everything possible to achieve maximum results in all types of supervision and construction expertise. Our company will carry out not only the highest quality technical supervision, but also provide qualified assistance to optimize costs.

The priority of our company in all areas of activity is the quality of fulfilling its obligations.

In our work, the issue of identifying and recording deviations from the project, checking the compliance of the volumes of work performed, maintaining a cumulative statement of the volume of work performed and monitoring the quality of the work performed by the contractor – this is the specifics of the implementation of technical supervision in construction.

Throughout our existence, our engineering services have received only positive reviews. We strive to grow, improve, share engineering experience and new approaches to solving your problems.


The services provided are primarily aimed at the corporate sector.


«The disappointment of low-quality lasts longer than the joy of low price.»

© Henry Ford

Our advantages


Individual requirements

Working with different customers implies an individual approach to each one. In our work, we always take into account specific requirements, assess the situation constructively and show flexibility at the right time.


Experienced experts

The company employs involved professionals who love their job, with diversified specialization and experience, allowing them to make informed and correct decisions.


Own instrumental and technical base

Most of the violations of technology in construction can only be determined if specialized and verified equipment is available. Our company has the necessary technical means


Efficiency of work

One of our advantages is the speed of solving problems, since the pace of construction of large objects requires immediate solutions and providing answers to the questions posed.


Continuous improvement of personnel

Construction standards and requirements are constantly changing. Therefore, great attention is paid to training our employees and improving their qualifications.

Permit documents

Certificate of accreditation No. KZ21VWC00002157 for the right to manage projects in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction;

Certificate of accreditation No. 00722 for the right to perform engineering services for technical supervision at technically and technologically complex objects of the first level of responsibility;

Electronic certificate of accreditation No. KZ57VWC00000345 for the right to perform engineering services for technical supervision at technically and technologically complex objects of the first level of responsibility;

Certificate of conformity no. KZ.7500293.07.03.00897. Compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-2016 (ISO 9001:2015) " Quality Management Systems. Requirements";

Certificate of conformity no. KZ.7500293.07.03.00898. Compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2015) " Environmental management systems. Requirements and application guidelines";

Certificate of conformity no. KZ.7500293.07.03.00899. Compliance with the requirements of the ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007) " Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems. Requirements";

Certificate No. 145 of a domestic supplier of works/services.

Certificate of accreditation No. KZ50VWC00005030 for the right to carry out expert work on the technical inspection of the reliability and stability of buildings and structures on technically and technologically complex objects of the first and second levels of responsibility.

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