Технический надзор процесса строительства EN

Technical supervision is one of the types of construction control that allows monitoring compliance with technological standards and the quality of work on the object, if the customer does not have the necessary competencies to carry out an independent inspection.

Technical supervision in Kazakhstan involves the use of the services of a professional specialist in the construction industry. As a rule, he has a specialized education and solid experience, is certified as an expert and can provide expert work and engineering services in the construction sector.

The functions of technical supervision of objects by such a specialist include constant presence on the territory of the object being built or periodic visits to the construction site. He controls the quality and scope of work, the use of pre-agreed building materials, compliance with construction technologies, and much more.

KazBuildExpert has the status of an accredited company of the first category, specializing in technical supervision of buildings and structures, as well as performing construction examinations. Customers are guaranteed high quality of construction work in strict compliance with current regulations. We provide an opportunity to save the corporate budget due to the absence of the need to eliminate possible defects during the operation of the facility.

What is included in the technical supervision

The specialist who carries out quality control of construction performs duties in accordance with the terms of the contract and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The standard list includes the following types of services:

control over the implementation of the requirements of existing standards in the process of acceptance and storage of construction materials, as well as the use of equipment and machinery;
monitoring of compliance with the stages of construction of the object provided for in the project documentation and the completeness of the work;
verification of permits and registration documentation that allows the contractor to carry out construction work;
checking the quality of documents (completeness and reliability of information) sent to the customer of works and control and supervisory authorities as a report;
monitoring of compliance with the approved budget;
detection of violations in the technology of construction of objects, control over the elimination of violations by the contractor company based on the requirements of a technical supervision specialist;
monitoring of the use of building materials in accordance with the construction technologies used;
quality control of building materials for their compliance with the provisions of approved regulations.
conducting an assessment of the quality of construction work at all stages.

To avoid the occurrence of contradictions and conflicts between the customer and the contractor during the construction of the object, it is better to order technical supervision services from an independent specialist. His actions will be as objective as possible, since he participates in the project as an independent party. In the future, this will help to exclude the implementation of examinations and court proceedings.

Construction control can be carried out in different ways. Among them, the verification of the work performed for compliance with the requirements of the project documentation. Technical supervision in Kazakhstan can be supplemented by control over financial documents in order to determine whether the specified cost of construction works and materials corresponds to the average cost in the market.

It is possible that the specialist, in addition to monitoring the compliance of the project documentation, will analyze it for possible errors with subsequent recommendations to the designers to make the necessary changes with oral or written justifications.

An expert on technical supervision as a highly qualified specialist can be engaged to conduct a one-time control at a separate stage of the project implementation. He can also perform a large amount of work within the framework of system monitoring and plan trips based on production needs.

The cost of technical supervision services

The cost of technical supervision services in construction is determined based on the percentage ratio, by the interpolation method “The limit of the customer’s expenses for engineering services for project management and technical supervision of construction”.

Among other pricing factors:

construction technologies used;
type of object being built;
the number of expert visits to the object;
the number of specialists involved;
the degree of complexity of the construction of the building/structure;
location of the object;
provision of additional services.

The cost of services can be determined by the company’s policy, as well as the individual preferences of the customer. As a rule, the price of control of technical supervision over the quality of construction is pre-agreed. The service provider offers clear conditions for pricing, based on the level of qualification of the experts involved in the work and taking into account the above-mentioned pricing factors.

The cost of technical supervision is discussed before the start of control by the company’s specialists, after which it is prescribed in the contract. Changes to the accepted conditions are allowed only in the event of force majeure.