Технический и строительный аудит EN

KazBuildExpert has a good experience in conducting construction and technical audit of buildings, civil and industrial structures for the largest commercial banks and financial and industrial groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The successful implementation of many projects in the field of construction and technical audit is confirmed by letters of recommendation from customers, including leading Kazakhstani enterprises and international brands.

Financial and technical audit of construction is carried out for investment companies and financial institutions engaged in lending, which are interested in the results of an independent and objective expert assessment. It includes confirmation of the borrower’s financial competence, TEPS and the cost of building construction.

Key tasks of the construction control audit:

familiarization with the initial data of the construction project;
determination of the degree of suitability of the allocated land for the construction of buildings/structures;
familiarization with the content of the initial, project and estimate documentation, conducting an analysis for compliance.

The audit of construction control involves the certification of the following facts:

estimated cost of the construction of the building;
targeted use of borrowed funds provided by creditors for the creation of capital construction facilities;
fulfillment of the established deadlines for work on the project and the construction of the building/structure;
detection and analysis of credit (investment) risk factors;
realization of the economic and legal interests of investors and lending financial organizations.

The construction audit is also aimed at achieving high-quality and volume indicators of the capital construction object in the process of construction, which are prescribed in the estimates and project documentation.

Objectives of the construction audit and expertise

It is necessary to conduct a construction audit by a lending bank or an investor in order to analyze the following components of the project implementation:

validity of pricing;
legal purity of obtaining and registration of rights, such as a permit for the use of land for construction;
compliance with budget discipline;
maintaining the proper quality of construction and installation operations;
availability of all permits/approvals regulated by the regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the preparation of projects and the construction of real estate;
parity between all completed and paid works;
compliance with the stated deadlines for performing production operations.

Technical inspection of buildings involves the analysis of all the raw materials associated with the real estate object. Among them are the content of the project, the results of previously performed surveys and engineering-geological surveys.

The survey of buildings and structures is carried out by specialized specialists, engineers and other categories of experts. In the course of the audit, facts of theft, attributions, making unjustified changes to documentation and other abuses may be discovered. Based on these facts, the customer has the right to bring the guilty entities to justice in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After analyzing the documents and completing the survey of the technical condition of buildings and structures, the preparation of audit reports and reports begins. The final document contains the results of the evaluation of project, financial and other activities, the revealed facts of violations and non-compliance with the project requirements. It may contain the following conclusions:

about the amount of the declared budget and real expenses;
about the general technical condition of the real estate object;
about the validity and correctness of pricing, calculations and estimates;
about the possibility of performing the planned work within the agreed period;
about the compliance of the declared and actual volume of construction work.

Recommendations and suggestions of experts are provided for all sections of the report, including on reducing risks and eliminating identified comments.

KazBuildExpert guarantees the maximum completeness, accuracy and reliability of the results of the construction and technical audit.