Авторский надзор процесса строительства EN

The construction and reconstruction of existing facilities includes a large number of works. Among them are planning, creation of engineering, architectural, and technological solutions, prevention of harm to the surrounding space, arrangement of communications. All these works must be performed as originally planned by the author of the project.

The author’s supervision in construction is designed to prevent discrepancies with the content of the documentation used. It acts as an important guarantee of the timely acceptance of the erected building/structure into operation, which confirms that its technical characteristics correspond to the plans of the designers.

The author’s supervision in the construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan applies to the performance of construction and installation works, buildings under construction, systems and structures, estimate and construction documentation, as well as documents related to the procurement of equipment and building materials.

The main purpose of the author’s supervision in the construction process is to control the compliance of the construction of the object with the project. Their subject includes the following tasks:

Achievement of the indicators prescribed in the project. The location, type, and technical characteristics of the object should not differ from the design indicators.

The use of construction work technology. Their parameters are prescribed in the project documentation, the procedure and conditions for conducting production operations are also specified there. The author’s supervision of the construction of buildings and structures is designed to ensure that the work does not diverge from the content of these documents.

The use of approved building materials and equipment. When designing, preference is given to such materials and technical equipment that meet the parameters of strength, operability and do not harm the environment. The analysis of the procurement documentation helps to establish a list of building materials and equipment that are actually involved in the construction of buildings/structures. The services of author’s supervision in Kazakhstan allow us to determine how much the building materials and technical equipment actually used meet the developed construction project.

The authenticity of the documents. For all types of works and stages of construction of objects, there is an executive documentation, which records the execution of decisions. Its preparation is carried out on the basis of a real list of works. In this part, the organization of author supervision is designed to ensure the full scope and literacy of the display of completed project activities, which are prescribed in the executive documents.

Monitoring the quality of supplies. The purchased equipment and building materials must have authentic certificates confirming safety and high performance characteristics. The author’s supervision in Kazakhstan will allow to certify how much the quality of the used building materials and equipment meets the wishes of the project developers.

Particular tasks are determined by the specifics of the structure and types of construction work. Their content is set when creating the project. In accordance with them, the criteria for evaluating works and acceptance are regulated, as well as the roles and legal status of design specialists in the process of implementing author supervision.

The procedure for the implementation of author’s supervision in the field of construction

The author’s supervision of design organizations is carried out during the entire time of construction. In some cases, it is performed during the initial period of operation of the object. As a rule, the procedure consists in the implementation of periodic supervisory measures. When servicing complex and responsible objects, it is necessary to constantly find experts on the construction site.

Before carrying out the preparatory activities, the customer gives the contractor the journals of the author’s supervision and the list of specialists engaged in this activity.

Stages of implementation of author’s supervision:

Coordination of the schedule of verification activities. Before starting work, the customer and the specialist who manages the author’s supervision determine the date and time of the survey. This information is then communicated to the contractor. When performing the verification, the participation of employees of the customer company or the developer is required. The time of their presence at the facility is discussed in advance.
Development of a task for author’s supervision by the chief engineer of the project. When performing verification activities by several experts, it is necessary to develop individual tasks. They prescribe:
types of work;
materials and structural elements included in the surveillance perimeter;
regulatory documentation that serves as the basis for conducting an inspection.
The work of an expert on a construction site. During their stay at the facility, experts check the construction works to see whether they meet the content of the working and project documentation. The survey takes place with the participation of employees of the contractor company. If necessary, a representative of the developer or the customer is allowed to be at the facility.
Filling in the journal of author’s supervision (performed during the survey). This document contains comments and facts of non-compliance of works with the project. All records must be certified by the signatures of the representatives of the customer and the contractor. Applicable to detected violations, measures and deadlines for their elimination are prescribed.
Preparation of a report on the results of verification activities. It is compiled by an expert who provided author’s supervision services. It should contain the following information: the
amount of verification performed;
list of comments and reasons for their issuance;
a list of measures aimed at eliminating violations.

The report must be accompanied by completed certificates of inspections of structural elements, materials, and works. All these documents are stored in the project company.

Checking the elimination of previously identified comments. It is carried out by experts of the author’s supervision during the departure to the construction site. In case of non-compliance with the requirements, the responsibility is imposed on the head of the contractor company. He is also responsible for the proper maintenance of the journal of author supervision.
Conducting the final events. After the completion of the construction of the object, the results of the author’s supervision are summed up. The customer’s representative certifies the list and scope of work performed. Final acts of inspections of buildings are being prepared/structures.

The latest information is entered in the journal of author supervision. The expert provides an opinion confirming the fact that the work performed corresponds to the content of the project. After the start of using the finished object, the contractor sends the log to the developer/customer.